Video Tutorials

The Good Dog

Dragonfly Elbows

Velvet Sand

Aquatic Arch

Bak @ U

Sock Monkey

Myrtle’s Metal

Walking Between
The Sand Dollars

Cool Beans

The Tile Towel
Trowel Trial

dp as he has time will upload video tutorials about each composition, the book, guitar, music, and whatever comes to mind.

These video tutorials are short and will focus on a few items found within the topic / tune being discussed. dp’s plan is to have videos both for the student as well as for the guitar teacher. EADGBE covers a lot of information and each composition can be used as a beginner guitar lesson and many times again to help a guitarist see and hear the guitar fretboard in new and intersting ways which will result in performing more difficult songs / tunes. Thus becoming an advanced player if the guitarist chooses to do so.

The number one priority of EADGBE is for the beginner guitarist to have fun and sound like they are playing something instead banging on the box with strings and getting frustrated.

As Sock receives emails and questions, dp will sit down with Sock and make all aware of the Sock inquires. If you have watched the first Sock interview you have found Sock to be a big talker and has been asked a wide range of topics concerning himself.

Earl Ate Dynamite Good Bye Earl!