About dp

I do not like to talk about myself. However I have to do this so you know something about the guy who wrote and composed the tutorial “Earl Ate Dynamite Good Bye Earl”.

dp has been playing and teaching guitar since the previous century.

I’m from Fayetteville, NC.

First guitar: Egmond which is from Holland

Guitar teacher: Dave Brumble – a student of Andrés Segovia as well as a Warner Brothers staff guitarist.

Ex. One of my lessons was as usual we had to get in tune. Then DB tells me to reach over and turn each of the tuning gears on his guitar a different direction. He then did the same to my guitar and we jammed for a hour since I was his last student for the night. A great lesson in how to listen since both of us had to play a little to figure out what collection of sounds we could make by ourselves as well as the collection of sounds that worked with each other. Much fun and laughter.


Musical Elders:

Ray Codrington Quartet –Ray Codrington ( flugel horn plus much more ), Wayne Waylett ( drums ) , Bob Nardone ( guitar ), And Bill Aycocks ( bass ).

Ron Oates ( piano, arranger, Producer )

Mr. Stockdale – Reid Ross Senior High School Band Director.

Mr. Mike Porter – Methodist College


Attended Newberry College

Steve Watson

Pembroke College

Dr. Bill Fritz


Taught Guitar at Fayetteville Technical Institute


Guitarist on:

Dale VanHorn’s That’s  Summertime To Me”  recorded at Arthur Smith Studios.

Rick Tobey’s ” Chicken Egg


Performed on stage:

Jimmy Rodgers

Dave Brubeck’s  – first chair guitar for Christmas Cantata, “La Fiesta” at Spirit Square.

Lonnis McGlohon’s Big Band

Bill Blass: Belk’s Fashion Show at Oven’s Auditorium.



Meyer Music – Charlotte, NC: guitar teacher, salesman, manager, and buyer

Studioworks / Reflection Studio: salesman and assisted various artist and producers.

Nightsides” NBC’s late night news show:  weekend audio engineer

Inside Nascar“:  Sunday morning audio engineer

ICCA owned by Dexter Yager:  audio engineer, researcher, business tool developer, producer, and head studio engineer

Cat’s Imagination: Owner – producer, audio engineer, and business tool developer

AV Manager for The Gathering


Paths I have been blessed to have crossed:

David Petschulat  I played various mini and ” Flying P ” guitars before they went to artist

Ari Lehtela: Luthier built my guitar design dp1800PSH and dp1800.75

Mark Williams:  ( Reflection Studio )

Bill Szymczyk:  Helped in bringing him to Reflection Studio

Joe Walsh:  Used my guitar dp1800PSS ( Luke Luquar – luthier ) on  “Coyote Love“.

Don Dixon:  ( Reflection Studio )

Mitch Easter:  ( Reflection Studio )

Marti Jones: ( Reflection Studio )

In Tua Nua:  ( Reflection Studio )

Hootie And Blowfish:  “Kootchypop”  ( Reflection Studio )

Dexter Yager:  ICCA

Thomas McClary:  ICCA


My work as recording engineer or producer:

The Ravelers  ( producer and mastering )

LaRua: ( producer ) ” Una Noche de Abril “

Spider Mike Bochey  ( recording engineer )

Wilmington Big Band  ( recording engineer )

Skylar Smith  ( recording engineer )


Internet TV show at Topics Design,  Glen Pierce producer: “A Musician’s Musings

TEDx Talk:  1 + 1 Can Be


Former students:

Mike Brown

Skylar Smith

Earl Ate Dynamite Good Bye Earl!