Audio Samples

The Good Dog

Dragonfly Elbows

Velvet Sand

Aerobatic Aquatic Arch

Bak @ U

Sock Monkey Blues

Myrtle’s Metal Medals

Walking Between The Sand Dollars

Cool Beans

The Tile Towel Trowel Trial





dp plays the ten original compositions so the beginner guitarist can hear what they sound like. The student, regardless if they are working through the tutorial by themself or with a guitar teacher, will benefit by hearing how each composition should sound.

Always remember to keep your thumb on the back of the neck, lower your wrist so it is not touching the guitar neck and play with your finger tips. It’s more important to play the tunes imperfectly at first than stress over playing in perfect time with a metronome. Once the beginner guitarist is better at guitar mechanics, then playing the tunes in time can be addressed. Remember, the beginner wants to play and sound like they are playing even though the experienced player will, now that the novice performance is not in time or perfect.

Cosmo is the name of the cat used in the graphic who originally was looking at snow but is now looking at the tutorial when one listens to the individual audio samples. Yes, dp is a cat person and at one time had a clowder of four cats.

ffolkes, a Siamese cat, bonded with dp and used to sit in his lap while he practiced guitar. ffolkes once rode a bass guitar inside the hardshell case down a flight of stairs minus the stairs. There was a ledge at the top of the stairs and fflokes and the bass fell down with the bass bouncing left and fflokes going right. All of this happened seconds before the door bell rang by the person who came over to buy the bass. I had no clue that the bass was in one piece or not when I opened the case. Oh, the landing zone was at the front door. I played it quickly and gave it a good look over to make sure the bass was in good standing. It was and it went to a good owner. A half hour later I finally had the opportunity to verify fflokes condition. He was in good working order as well.

Earl Ate Dynamite Good Bye Earl!