To God for giving me my talents, my parents Carl and Cathy Pell for
buying my first guitar, my sisters Karen and Deborah for tolerating my
blank slate condition till I could play. My guitar teacher Dave Brumble,
my musical mentors The Ray Codrington Quartet: Ray Codrington,
Wayne Waylett, Bob Nardone, and Bill Aycocks. Ron Oates for showing
me the studio musician, arranger, producer side of music. Newberry
College music department for a foundation in music theory. Dr. Bill Fritz
at Pembroke State College for improv / jazz theory. Mark Williams for
teaching how to be a recording engineer. All the musicians, bands I have
performed with, recorded, or produced. David Tyson for proofreading,
all of my students I have taught in the previous and current century. All
of my cats that give me amazing creative input and at times output. My
wife Jayne for all of her support, and my stepson David Love for having
music in his family.


If I missed you please forgive me.
I’m an old fart and some things have faded
out to the leader tape or digital black.

Sock is the current keeper of a
dp1800PSH guitar built by Ari Lehtela.
and an Ed Quidley 7 Sins amp

Earl Ate Dynamite Good Bye Earl!